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Auto Insurance – A Safety Net for You

Sometimes even a careful and safe driver may have a mishap while driving. It may not be his fault but someone else’s but the result will be damages to the vehicles and maybe for the people in them. To repair the auto and to get medical aid for the people, there could be fat bills which may be way above your expectations.

It is here that auto insurance steps in to help. If you have already insured your vehicle then they will take care of the expenses. Repairing the damage, hospital bills etc will be looked after by them. But this is only possible if you have purchased the insurance. You must know that there are different kinds of auto or vehicle insurances and you have to read carefully and between the lines as to what the agreement involves.

The Major Life Insurance Types

Life insurance has become very important, especially at such tough economic times as today. Without life insurance, people may not be protected when the unexpected things take place. However, prior to signing up for any life insurance plan available, it is indeed necessary to get more information regarding the various major life insurance types available.

The first type available is the term insurance. This is an insurance policy which has been designed in such a way that it is able to cover financial protection for the insured parties for a particular period of time. The duration of the protection is usually quite short. The protection may range from 1 or 2 months or maybe 30 years. The rates of the premium for this kind of insurance usually depend on how long the protection duration will be. The longer the duration, the higher the rates will be. And when the duration of protection has expired, a new insurance plan will be necessary.

Combining Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover could Leave you without Enough Protection.

Buying life insurance and critical illness cover together in one policy might seem like a good idea. Not only is it easier to set up one plan, but combining policies is normally cheaper. You will have a single policy which will pay out a lump sum if you die, or you suffer an illness covered by the plan during the term you choose.

Do you have enough protection?
I know it’s not a very cheery topic, but it’s important to understand the risks of under-insuring yourself. After all, wrapping different types of cover up into one neat plan could actually leave you without all the protection you need.

When you have combined life insurance and critical illness cover, you’re normally only able to make a claim once. Once you’ve made a claim for critical illness, the policy stops. You immediately lose the life insurance cover which was bundled into the same policy.

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